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FLuix Engineering

Cooling Solutions for computing
"We can handle the heat"!

Get back into your computational workflows, let us Handle the Heat.

  • Server rooms
  • Mining Farms
  • Gaming/Simulation form factors


Building a server room?

Our airflow simulations allow you to forecast the cooling capabilities of the space before you build!

Concerned with temperature?

With the power of fluid dynamics, gain insight on the performance of your miners. 

Results backed by data.

Data you can use to configure your server room for optimized performance. The know-how to maintain a cool and safe operation. 

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About Us

"One-stop-shop" for Computational Cooling


  • The SIMULATION SERVICE offers insight on the ventilation configuration of your anticipated server room. Simulate how your servers will perform, how heat will be transferred out, and how air will be ventilated in your server room. We give you the "Know-How" so you can optimize:

  1.  The dimensions for your site survey.  
  2.  Servers for your operating conditions.
  3. Maintain a safe & professional computing space.

Save money by building a cool and optimized server space the right way the first time.

Products & Projects

  • Liquid cooling for graphical processors, submersible cooling for servers, custom cooling for PC gaming rigs. Technician on call to provide exceptional setup & maintenance. Fluix Engineering can make it happen. This stuff genuinely interest us. We are working diligently to launch products that will cool computing equipment easily, efficiently, and affordably.

Fluix AI-1 (Concept)

Prototyping custom solutions for specific customer needs

All-in-one liquid cooled PC case with integrated components for modularity, reliability, and ease-of-use.

About Us

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